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Service Intervals You Can Keep Track Of with Regular Scheduled Maintenance which is vital to keeping your Auto on the road. The time and effort you put into keeping up with scheduled maintenance can save you big money in the long run. Your vehicle manufacturer came up with a maintenance schedule and service intervals that are specific to your car or truck, but check out our easy to follow regular maintenance checklists to keep up with your car's needs. There are procedures and checks that your Auto needs at varying intervals. We've divided them by the calendar, offering you maintenance checklists to perform every three months, every six months, and annually. Keep up with these easy jobs and you'll save yourself a bundle.

Value of Preventive Auto Maintainance

Preventive maintenance is a necessary expense to keep your vehicle in good running condition. Spending more annually on maintenance and repairs may sound like a lot, but it's nothing compared to the added expense of buying a new car, especially if your current car is paid off. In fact, by some estimates, every five years you drive your car after paying it off saves you the monetary equivalent of a new car. To understand how, let's compare a new car to a paid-off car with standard maintenance. To make it interesting, let's stack the deck in the new car's favor by saying that you drive 30,000 kilometers per year, which is double the national average. In five years, that adds up to 150,000 kilometers under your wheels,

Preventive Car Care

We are proud to be leading and favorite full serve preventive maintenance car care and car wash facility. Our commitment to quality service has earned us consistent high marks in customer satisfaction. We have many satisfied and loyal customers who have been shopping with us since we opened our doors in 1995 for car washes and preventive auto care.

Express Lube & Car Wash is dedicated to keeping you safe on the road and your vehicle running in top condition. With the high cost of gas and diesel, it is has never been more important to keep your vehcile running at it peak performance. We use the latest automotive preventive service technology to provide you with high quality service, and quick turnaround but never sacrificing quality for speed. In fact, we stock the filters and fluids for the vast majority of vehicles that drive the roads in the Golden Isles. No other peventive service facility in the area offers a larger inventory of parts for you vehicle. This gets you on the road quickly and safely.

Our service department features a comfortable lounge wating area. Enjoy our flat screen TV, complimentary coffee, snack vending, today's edition of the Brunswick News and Georgia Time Union newspapers, and current (Yes current!) magazines. play room. We also offer free pick up and delivery of your vehicle (minimum purchase required) within a five mile radius. Consult one our friendly representatives for special arrangements. Your satisfaction is our highest priority!

We offer a complimentary text and mail reminder service. When your car is due for an oil-change, we will send you a friendly reminder. Sign up for our free text reminder service the next time you bring your car in for service!

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